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“We chose Tom and Chris as our mentors and we achieved our goal of achieving £2,500/month passive income from property 6 months ahead of schedule.”

Chris and Cat

We love to help people overcome their fears and achieve their goals in property. We also understand the phenomenal power of tapping into the knowledge and experience of those a couple of steps further down the track. We understand that because we’ve both paid for and benefited from mentorship in the past, and continue to do so today.

There’s this couple we know. They both work full-time but about 18 months ago they started to pursue a dream they’ve had for a while of getting their time back by getting into property investing. They had a few false dawns and a difficult time at first, but then they realized that they needed to sharpen up and so they read a few books on mindset and investing like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ and joined a couple of local networking meetings. They got a big boost from those and managed to get their first property over the line, which was a big moment! Before they knew it though they were busy with the refurb, and it took quite a bit more time and money than they’d anticipated. Anyway, they got it finished and were delighted when the first tenant moved in. Finally they were getting some rental income rather than paying out all the time!

After all the costs it wasn’t quite as much as they’d calculated, and certainly not enough to reduce their hours at work as they’d hoped, but they didn’t let that bother them and they got on with finding the next one. The market had changed a bit since the first one and they found it took a while, but again they persevered (they will not quit!) and eventually they got that one over the line too. This time they had a few problems with a builder who let them down, but again they persevered and got the job done, albeit a little over budget.

That was great – more rental income! The problem was that now they found that the management of their two properties was taking a little more time than they’d anticipated, especially when one of their existing tenants started having a few problems and needed some support. All this on top of trying to find their next project.

They also realised that time was slipping by and they hadn’t hit the ambitious financial targets they’d set in the beginning. So in order to skill themselves up and keep themselves motivated they decided to go on a couple of new courses. One of them was about how to buy Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) as they knew that those could generate significantly higher returns than simple single-let properties.

The courses were OK, but they felt they didn’t have the support afterwards to really ‘know’ the strategies well enough to put them into practice, and so they felt a bit let down. Their funds were also significantly diminished from paying for the deposits on the first two houses, and the refurbs, and the courses, and so they weren’t really sure how to proceed.

Well, that couple, or person, is YOU! That’s a typical story we hear from the kind of investors who come to us looking for clarity and urgency to achieve their goals. So if the above rings true for you and you’re ready to take the next step to achieve the freedom that others on this page have achieved – then read on.

What would you do if you DID hit your targets and reach your goals? One of the first things we work with all our clients on is gaining real clarity on what success looks like for them, as the clearer the goal is, the easier it is to move towards it, especially on the difficult days.

So what is it for you? Do you want to:


 Leave a job you’re not enjoying anymore?


Free up time to spend on other passion projects or new businesses?


Spend more time with the family?


Stop worrying about the next recession or downturn in the economy eroding your savings?


 Spend more time living abroad or travelling?


Something else entirely?


Save more for a pension or be able to ‘retire’ early?

“They really focus on mindset, they understand that on the bad days you need to be crystal clear on WHY you’re doing things in property, and they set that up in the early sessions, that was invaluable for me.”

John Heywood

What can we offer?  Well, firstly we offer to speak plainly (and passionately!) about property and the steps you need to take to get from where you are to where you want to be.  And we promise to call you out if we don’t think you’re turning up and giving 100% to achieve what you can achieve.  We’re also so confident that you’ll be blown away that we offer a full 28 day money back guarantee.  So if you change your mind and decide that mentoring is not for you within that time, you will get all your money back – no quibbles – guaranteed.

The Packages



“I was worried about the cost of mentoring, but what I learned from Tom saved me more than double the total cost of mentoring on the first deal I bought! The cost of ignorance is higher than the cost of mentoring, it’s the best money I ever spent.”

Matt Bailey

Usually courses are either held at our offices in Ashton-under-Lyne, at a mutually convenient location around Manchester, or online. However, with the current covid-19 situation all classes are carried out online until further notice until restrictions are eased or lifted.

If you want to make sure that the next 12 months will be the most productive of your life then choose your package above – we guarantee that you won’t regret it, or your money back!

We totally get that signing up for a mentorship is a big decision, so for those who would like to talk to us about it we offer a FREE 30 minute online chat to get to know us, and ask us anything you’d like about property and our mentoring packages.

There is no obligation, no hard sell, and no salesman will call! In fact, as you’ve probably worked out by now we speak plainly and love to talk about all things property. So feel free to book in an online chat whether you have a burning question, a property dilemma or just want to have a natter.

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“They’re great guys to work with, sessions fly by and you cover loads of material, they won’t ever finish a session until you understand what you’re doing and what you need to do by the next session. They will absolutely give you a rocket when you need one, and they make it clear that you can’t waste your time - or theirs!”

Saif Rehan

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